4th Standard Scholarship Syllabus


1. Comprehension

2. Classification

3. Series

4. Logical Reasoning

5. Water Reflection

6. Mirror Reflection [Start Exam]

  • Numbers
  • Figures

7. Similar Relationship (Analogy)

8. Similar Figures [Start Exam]

9. Puzzles and Problems

10. Term that belongs to a set

11. Code

12. Emotional and Social Intelligence [Start Exam]


1. Our Body

2. Our Needs

3. Our Surroundings

4. Our Environment

5. Nature of Substances


1. Know your Numbers

2. Operations on Numbers

  • Addition( up to five-digit numbers)-without carrying and with carrying [Start Exam]
  • Subtraction( up to five-digit numbers)-without borrowing and with borrowing [Start Exam]
  • Multiplication( up to four-digit number × three-digit number) [Start Exam]
  • Division( up to four-digit number ÷ two-digit number) [Start Exam]
  • Word problems on multiplication/division (involving one or two operations) [Start Exam]
  • Expressions [Start Exam]
  • Tests for divisibility ( up to 10) [Start Exam]
  • Factors and multiples of numbers [Start Exam]

3. Fractions [Start Exam]

  • Fractions with equal denominators, order relation, ascending-descending order, addition and subtraction [Start Exam]
  • Proper, improper fractions: mixed numbers; their conversion [Start Exam]

4. Measurement

5. Geometry

6. Pictorial Information


1. Life during the Medieval Peroid

  • Miserable condition of society, instability and decadence - monarchy - Benevolent rulers

2. Maharashtra before Shivaji

3. Shivaji's Childhood [Start Exam]

4. March of Swaraj

5. Coronation of Shivaji Maharaj and Thereafter

6. Greatness of Shivaji Maharaj

7. A living of inspiration [Start Exam]

  • March from the medieval to modern age
  • Impact of Shivaji Maharaj
  • Importance of freedom and welfare of the subjects


1. Living in a Group [Start Exam]

  • Our needs
  • Fulfilment of our needs in the society
  • Our cultural life

2. Social Institutions [Start Exam]

  • Cultural organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Cooperative Societies
  • Consumer protection

3. Institutions that Provide Civic Amenities [Start Exam]

  • Educational institutions
  • Health centres and hospitals
  • Means of transport and communication and the other civic amenities

4. Safety and Security [Start Exam]

  • Domestic security
  • Outside security
  • Precautions in public places and from strangers
  • Preservation of public property


1. Celestial bodies

  • The moon, Phases of the moon, A day, A week, A month, A year, A leap year, Types of time measurements [Start Exam]

2. Physical

3. Natural environment and resources : Maharashtra

4. Practical and Observation skills [Start Exam]

  • The elements of a map
  • Symbol and signs
  • Maharashtra : Map reading
  • Field visits to weekly market, farms, industries and riverside areas
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