7th Standard Scholarship Syllabus


1. Comprehension :

2. Classification :

3. Analogy :

4. Series :

5. Code :

6. Rhythmic Arrangement :

7. Pyramid :

8. Reflection :

9. Logical Reasoning :

10. Puzzles :

11. Figure Analysis :


Unit 1 :Environment

Unit 2 :Properties and Classification of Substances

  • States of Matter, Properties and Classification of Substances, Types of Changes [Start Exam]
  • Methods of separating substances [Start Exam]

Unit 3 :Earth and Living World

Unit 4 :Food,Water and Hygiene

Unit 5 :Measurement

Unit 6 :Force, Work and Energy

  • Force, Motion and types of Motion. Units and Measurements of Motion [Start Exam]
  • Work and Examples of Work [Start Exam]
  • Relationship between Work and Energy. Sources, Users and Types of Energy [Start Exam]

Unit 7 :Lights and Sound

Unit 8 :Heat and Temperature

Unit 9 : Static Electricity


1. Numbers

  • Natural Numbers, whole numbers, integers [Start Exam]
  • Rational Numbers and operations on rational numbers [Start Exam]
  • Even, odd, composite and prime numbers, Roman numerals [Start Exam]
  • Additive inverse, multiplication inverse
  • Number line

2. Operations on Numbers

3. Geometry

  • Point, line, segment, line, ray, angle, plane, vertically opposite angles, adjacent angles, supplementary angles, complementary angles [Start Exam]
  • Circle, circular region, sector [Start Exam]
  • Triangles : Construction and properties [Start Exam]
  • Quadrilaterals : Construction and properties [Start Exam]
  • The theorem of Pythagoras [Start Exam]
  • Parallel lines [Start Exam]
  • Congruency - Triangles, correspondance [Start Exam]

4. Mensuration

5. Statistics

6. Practical Arithmetic

7. Algebra

  • Use of letters in place of numbers, factors of algebric expressions [Start Exam]
  • Value, Operations - Addition, subtraction, multiplication [Start Exam]
  • Equations in one variable [Start Exam]


1. India and the World

  • West Asia, Arab Civilization, Rise of Islam [Start Exam]
  • Emergence of Feudalism in Europe, Rise if merchant class in Europe [Start Exam]

2. Rise of the Regional Kingdoms

  • Impact on society, economy and culture [Start Exam]
  • The Palas, the Rashtrakutas, the Cholas and the Rajputs [Start Exam]
  • Foreign invasions and their resistance, Rule of the Turks, the Delhi Sultanate [Start Exam]

3. Regional Powers

4. Mughal Power

5. Emergence and Growth of the Maratha Power

6. Religious Synthesis [Start Exam]


1. Constitution of India

2. Parliamentary Democracy

3. Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens

4. Union and States [Start Exam]


1. Celestial Bodies

2. Physical

3. Natural Environment and Resources - Some Continents and Countries

4. Natural Environment and Human Life

5. Practical and Observational Skills [Start Exam]

  • The Map
  • Field Visit
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