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About is a quality online examination portal helping aspiring Engineering and Medical students to pass hurdles of entrance exams by practising MCQ questions online on It also helps 4th and 7th grade students to prepare and excel in the Maharashtra Middle School Scholarship Examination (for 4th Scholarship) and Maharashtra High School Scholarship Examination (for 7th Scholarship). has a vast question bank of over 30000 question prepared by IIT alumni, doctors and educationists. Below are some of the frequently asked questions which will help you understand and prepare for your exam needs.

How will help my son/daughter or my students in their studies?

We would like to emphasize that is not a substitute for your coaching class / your school or your school teacher. It is a supplementary tool to help support and validate your preparation for the exam by identifying and focusing on weak areas. User interface for the software it kept very simple and attractive. Signup process is very simple. If you have a valid email address it will not take you more than 30 seconds for signup and activation of the account. If you already have Google Gmail or facebook account you can directly sign-in using that account if you choose so (no need to sign-up with us again). Just click on corresponding links while signing in or signing up on myexambox. You can try our "Trial Exam" once you are logged in to the system. This will give you first-hand experience of the product. User interface is clutter free and there are absolutely no distracting advertisements anywhere on the screen. All progress reports are maintained in graphical format and made available to you at any time to judge progress of the student. One can identify weak areas based on these graphs and specifically target those areas. For critical question explanation is also given while reviewing answers after exam is completed. Even if same exam is taken again you will get altogether new set of questions from our question bank so that one can keep practicing until his weak areas are addressed. Further option of using online OMR sheet for solving questions enables students to get a feel of real exam.

How is overall quality and quantity of questions?

We have more than 30000 quality MCQ questions carefully crafted by IIT Alumni, Doctors and Educationists to suit and activate brain cells of students. Questions are continuously getting added to the question bank. Question text is carefully crafted and goes under rigorous 3 to 4 phase review to make it perfect in all aspects like clarity and accuracy. In the multiple choices even the incorrect options are also crafted carefully so as to avoid obvious elimination of options and stimulate thought process. We continuously keep on adding new quality questions to our existing question bank. These new questions automatically become available to you as whole of the question bank is online.

What are various types of exams available at

  Each subject for a given standard is divided into various chapters as per latest published board syllabus. There are chapter-wise exams on each chapter. If someone wants to complete his study chapter-by-chapter this is very effective tool. Even if same chapter-wise exam is taken again you are likely to get all new questions carefully selected from our quality question bank. This way students can concentrate on their weak areas by practicing them again and again.
  Apart from chapter-wise exams there are subject-wise exams. These exams will have consolidated questions from a given subject. All subject-wise exams appear under "Main Exams" section for a given standard.
  Apart from chapter-wise and subject-wise exams there are exams in actual board format. These exams also appear in the "Main Exams" section for a given standard.
  Each chapter-wise exam typically contain 10 questions require only 2 credit points each.
  Each subject-wise/board-format exam is a full size exam for 1 hour and typically contains 50 questions and requires only 10 credit points each.
  Each instance of starting exam is unique. At the start of exam questions are carefully selected by our specially designed algorithm from our large pool of quality questions. Hence even if you repeat the same exam again you are most likely to get all new questions.
  Each exam has various options like using OMR sheet, making sound option on / off using auto advance feature or showing answer after every attempt. All of the options can be changed during exam except "Show answer after attempt".
  This option needs to be set just before starting the exam. If this option is set, system will immediately tell student if the answer for the attempted question was correct or wrong immediately after the attempt instead of getting answers in review after the exam is completed.

How can I recharge my account?

You can buy credit points by recharging your account using various payment methods available in "Recharge" menu after you login. These include using secure online payment gateway. We are using ccavenue as industry standard secure payment gateway for accepting payments by credit/debit/cash cards, net banking etc. You can also recharge your account by sending cheque/DD/NEFT as explained in the recharge menu after login. You can recharge for amounts ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 999.

How credit points work?

Once you have recharged your account and bought credit points you can use them to solve variety of exams available any subjects. You can even solve exams for another standard as well if you wish to. Each chapter-wise exam typically contain 10 questions require only 2 credit points. Each subject-wise/board-format exam is a full size exam for 1 hour and typically contains 50 questions and requires only 10 credit points.

How much each exam would cost me? works on points system. Subjects are divided into various chapters. Each chapter-wise exams typically require 2 points per exam. Each full size subject wise or board format exam typically requires 10 points. You can recharge for amounts ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 999. You get more savings with bigger recharge. 2-10 credit points are required per exam depending on number of questions and complexity. Hence depending on the recharge amount you choose your min cost per exam is as low as less than Rs 1 per exam.

Can I share same user account with my friend / sibling?

Although we do not prevent you from doing so, we do not recommend the same because one will not be able to use progress reports to effectively understand progress during usage of the software and concentrate on weak areas as reports will be mixed up with your friend/sibling's data. Further sharing your account credentials with someone else will have inherent security risks so we recommend keeping your login credentials in a secure place.

How to signup/login using your existing Gmail or Facebook account ?

If you already have exising Gmail or Facebook account your life is more easy on myexambox! You don't have to remember one more password for your myexambox account! Neither you have to validate email by using complicated email validation process. Just signup or login using Google or Facebook link and you will be automatically logged into myexambox account by using your Gmail or Facebook account credentials. Myexambox uses state-of-the-art industry standard "Open Authentication Protocol (OAuth)" to ease signup or login process to our customers in a secure manner.

Which browsers are best supported by myexambox?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox (version 19.0 and above) or Google Chrome (version 24.0 and above). These browsers have best support for HTML5 standard. myexambox uses HTML5 standard extensively to give our users unparallel UI experience.

What infrastructure uses?

We use state of the art Amazon EC2 cloud infrastructure which enables our servers to be located across various geographies like Singapore / USA / Europe with uptime guarantee of 99.95%. Further we use SSL protocol (https) for secure transmission of data over internet. For recharge options we use highly secure Paypal and CCAvenue (one of the leading payment gateways in India)

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