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Why stick to the standard pen and paper exams and quizzes when you can now take things to the next level? Here at MyExamBox, you can create quizzes and exams online, set their schedules, and get instant results in no time at all!

For many years, people have been so used to the usual way that tests are conducted. Papers are passed around and you will have to finish the test in a certain period of time. The papers will then be returned once done and they will be checked manually, one by one. Time consuming and tiring, isn't it?

But thanks to technology, today, teachers, professors, organizations, parents and even friends can start creating their very own online exams and quizzes easily and with less hassle than ever! MyExamBox's simple user interface makes it very easy to use and get away from the typical pen and paper model and learn the results instantly.

Teachers and Professors

There is no longer a need to a lot of time getting your exams printed because now, you can give the test to your students and let them know their scores and your feedback a few minutes after they finish. Say goodbye to the task of checking papers one by one manually because live online exams can be created and scheduled just when you want to. Share and unshare online quizzes any time and give your students with more practice all through the school year!


Want to screen the most suitable candidates for the available position in your company? Now, your aptitude tests can be easily done online so that you can get instant results and at the same time, shortlist the best applicants right away. Perfect for the HR and hiring managers, MyExamBox takes things to a higher level for all employers who do not want to waste a lot of time and need to instantly hire the best person fit and perfect for the job!

Moms and Dads

Is your kid doing well in school? Is he learning everything that he needs to? Does he need some help in a specific subject matter? With MyExamBox, parents can make things easier for their kids and give them the chance to have fun as you monitor their performance. Some kids tend to get bored or even inattentive when you give them the usual paper and pen exam at home. Now, you can get your kids motivated to do better by letting them take exams online. Who says learning can't be this exciting?


Thinking of the best activities that you and your friends can enjoy in your next get together? Then, why don't you create some mind-boggling puzzles online and let your friends solve every item? These quizzes, aside from being fun when shared with friends, are also great stress relievers that can get your minds refreshed after a hectic week. Answer the quizzes over some pizza and drinks and you will surely have the best friend moments that you will treasure for the rest of your lives!

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